Basic Usage

For a basic usage, RocketBot is free. That includes most of its features, such as the creation of a wallet, receiving, tipping, giving away and locking coins. The only exception goes with withdrawals (see Withdrawals).

The Basic Usage of RocketBot has the following limits:
 - Tips: tip 5 times for free per day.
 - Airdrops: airdrop coins 1 time for free per day.
 - Giveaways: giveaway coins 1 time for free per day.

Extended Usage

If the basic usage of RocketBot is not enough, we offer extended usage. Just hold 100 or more MERGE tokens in your RocketBot account.

If your account has 100 MERGE tokens RocketBot increases the Basic Usage limits by 1. For example, 200 MERGE in your RocketBot account will provide the following Extended Usage limits:
 - Tips: tip 7 times for free per day.
 - Airdrops: airdrop coins 3 time for free per day.
 - Giveaways: giveaway coins 3 time for free per day.


The only fees charged on RocketBot are those from withdrawals, which are incurred by the blockchains of each respective cryptocurrency. This means that RocketBot does not charge these fees as commissions, since the full fees amounts are taken by the corresponding blockchain to successfully perform withdrawals.


Developers of coins can apply to get their coins listed on RocketBot. We offer two listing options:

Free Listing

Free listing and no setup fee when locking a predetermined amount of Merge tokens (one time locking).
Option to cancel the listing every 30 days and get back the Merge tokens that were locked.

The amount of Merge tokens to lock is estimated based on obtaining $15 of MERGE masternode rewards per month. These $15 rewards are used to cover the monthly expenses incurred to keep the service active.

We get the current monthly rewards obtained for running one MERGE masternode from We concretely use the USD amount indicated under the "Monthly income" box.


On February 14th 2021, indicates that the monthly rewards for running one MERGE masternode is $3.0830:

Masternodes Online Merge Monthly Income

One MERGE masternode requires 10,000 Merge tokens to run and receive rewards. Since we ask for $15 of monthly rewards, the total amount of Merge tokens to lock would be:

  15 x 10,000 / 3.0830 = 48,653 MERGE

The Free Listing option is a great advantage RocketBot offers to any cryptocurrency project wishing to enjoy all the benefits of the bot while saving their capital. Learn about Merge Tokenomics.

The locking and releasing of tokens is performed by Merge BCDG USA LLC, an official corporation based in Wyoming, USA.

Monthly Fee Listing

This listing option is based on the following fees:
 - One-time $250 setup fee.
 - Monthly fee of $20.

Can switch to the Free Listing option at anytime.

We offer two payment methods for this option:
 1. Pay with US dollars through Merge BCDG USA LLC.
  - Setup and first month ($270).
  - Following months ($20).
 2. Pay with Merge tokens. To determine the amount of Merge tokens that would be needed for this payment method, the following real-time coin conversion tool from CoinGecko can be used (edit the USD box with the desired amount):

Note that the $20 is recalculated every month using the above conversion tool.

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